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Rock Chalk Recycle
Rock Chalk Recycle

Thanks to the help of Rock Chalk Recycle volunteers, Kansas Athletics and the Rock Chalk Recycle Initiative has reduced Green House Gas Emissions by 19.8 Metric tons. This is equivalent to reducing emissions from the use of 2,219 gallons of gasoline!

Each volunteer helps to divert 107lbs per game!

What is Rock Chalk Recycle?

Rock Chalk Recycle was developed to promote waste reduction efforts by diverting recyclable and compostable waste from the landfill at all Kansas Athletic events; educating Jayhawk students, alumni, fans, and partners about opportunities to reduce our negative environmental, social, and economic impacts through responsible waste reduction measures.  

The mission of Rock Chalk Recycle contributes to achieving the Waste Vision in the University of Kansas Campus Sustainability 

The University is dedicated to using our resources wisely.  We are committed to reducing waste and its associated negative environmental, social and economic impacts throughout campus life and operations.

How can I help?

By volunteering! The Rock Chalk Recycle Program depends on volunteer waste ambassadors for the success of the program. Each individual volunteer helps divert approximately __ pounds of waste from the landfill, and the more volunteers the program has, the more waste Rock Chalk Recycle can divert! Volunteers can sign up individually or in a group by clicking the links below:

Volunteer Forms

Group Form

Volunteer as a Group

Rock Chalk Recycle will require large numbers of volunteers to ensure the program's success. Click below if you would like to volunteer or email

What do Volunteers do?

Each Waste Ambassador will be placed at a waste station during a volunteer shift of an athletic event. Volunteers will be interacting with fans, teaching them the appropriate ways to sort waste into recycling, compost, or landfill categories. Volunteers are asked to help in the sorting process by ensuring that each bin is home to the correct type of waste.

Past Volunteers


Name: Rhees Carlson

Year & Major: Sophomore thinking about French and Linguistics

Group: None

Why is it important to me?
I believe that life will be better for everyone if we take care of the world we live in. 

Why should others help?
Well, we all live on Earth, so this affects everyone. This is a relatively simple way to save the planet. 

# of games attended: I went to four games. I helped out September 7 and 21, October 5 and 26. 

Name: Jacquelyn Null (no nick-name)
Major and Year: Undecided major : Freshman
Groups: No groups represented.
Why is it important to you?
The Rock Chalk Recycle initiative is important to me because I know that one person can make a huge difference, but if we work together to clean up our school and recycle when we can then just the little effort can make a difference too. 
Why should others help out with RCR?
I think others should help out because Rock Chalk Recycle is a fun and easy way to make a difference and do for the better of the earth.
# of games attended : Sep. 7th, Sep. 21st, Nov. 16th,  Nov. 30th and Oct 29th